THE BEST Gatlinburg Nightlife

THE BEST Gatlinburg Nightlife

THE BEST Gatlinburg Nightlife

Thinking of Visiting Gatlinburg? Many times people want to know what there is to do at night. This post is going to share some of THE BEST Gatlinburg Nightlife as experienced by locals.

You may know Jennifer and I as the owners of Smoky Tours. We specialize in a true local touring experience. Smoky Tours used to be rated as the #1 thing to do for Gatlinburg Nightlife. I am proud to say that Smoky Tours is still ranked in the top 3 things to do for THE BEST Gatlinburg Nightlife.

When visiting Gatlinburg you will notice a ton of shops and places to buy airbrushed T-shirts and rebel flags. What many people do not know before they come is there are some fun things to do when the sun goes down.

I am going to tell you that THE BEST Gatlinburg Nightlife is a tour with Smoky Tours. I recommend doing our Moonshine distillery sipping/history tour. Our tour is about 3 hours and we will learn all about the craft and taste well over 20 different flavors of shine! If your interested in booking that tour….CLICK HERE.

Now that you have done my walking tour lets talk about how to keep the party going! There are some pretty fun things to do in Gatlinburg when the sun goes down.

Things to do in Gatlinburg at night

Let’s assume you have done my tour and ready to keep the party going. One of Jennifer and I’s favorite places to go is Smoky Mountain Brewery. Smoky Mountain Brewery is a local favorite and typically will have live music from amazing bands starting at 9:30pm. The music usually rocks on until about midnight. If you do visit there I recommend either the chicken quesadilla or their pizza!

Another thing I do consider as part of the best Gatlinburg Nightlife is a walk along the river. After you leave Smoky Mountain Brewery I would recommend going down to River Divide Road and strolling along the river listening to the rapids.

OK….The plan is….DRINK! Ready……BREAK

Now before you say that sound boring I didnt say where the destination was! If you toured with us, we went to Sugarlands! In Sugarlands you may have heard about where they go when work is over. After work everyone piles into the local dive watering hole known as Hoggs.

Hoggs is a NO THRILL “get your drink on” kind of place. We recommend Hoggs not only because it is one of the few places still open but the atmosphere is lively and they have a balcony that overlooks the strip so you can watch people stumble around that can’t handle shine!

I will tell you that Hoggs is a WATERING HOLE! If you read their reviews some people have gigged them for being a BAR! No offense….there are plenty of things to do for families and family oriented people. This is a place to get a drink and enjoy yourself!

“See you at Hoggs at Midnight”

Gyver, Sugarlands Distillery Taste Specialist