Wine Me, Dine Me, Shine Me Tour

Hosted by Mike and Jenn

Save the driving to the pros and we will just have fun! We get to ride in style on a luxury high top van or limo bus.

This experience hits it all! Wine, Moonshine, Local cuisine, and Appalachian culture.

Let the Husband/Wife team - Mike and Jenn (Hosts of the #1 rated Airbnb Experience Moonshine Walking tour) show you around Pigeon Forge.

We are living our dream showing people this amazing town we came to love over 10 years ago after visiting just like you are!

We meet right across from the Islands in Pigeon Forge!  It is easy to get to from everywhere in the surrounding area.  Once we meet up we will go over what we will do and the guidelines.  After this we will head to one of our favorite distilleries in the area. We will sample "grain to bottle" spirits from Vodka, Moonshine and Whiskey. Next you will be treated to an AMAZING lunch! No bagged lunch here! Fresh and awesome! We will be avoiding the tourist trap distilleries and take you to where WE shop!  The distilleries we go to make their own spirits from start to finish!

After lunch we will either head to a local winery owned by one of the most famous wine families in the region or we will go to our moonshine distillery and do their wine tasting.

One thing to keep in mind that the South is known for sweet wine!  All dry wines in our area are imported grapes.  A true wine experience here is muscadine!  It is in so many country songs and really a part of Appalachian culture.  EVERYTHING is sweeter in the south!

After our wine tasting, We will head out in the van/bus to a true backwoods heritage owned moonshine distillery. You can sample all the way from Choco MOOOO-SHINE to Straight Off the Still 135 proof moonshine.

We have a special relationship with the distilleries we visit that only set up our tastings this way for us.  Instead of just trying a few samples on your own from a pre-determined list, come experience with us!  With almost a 5.0 rating, if your looking to have a good time and not just "taste", this is for you.  We also get special discounts at the places we stop at and they ONLY give these additional discounts to Smoky Tours.

If you are looking for something NEXT LEVEL over just walking into a distillery and having a couple samples......come ride with us!  We made this tour because this is where we shop.  We do not have any employees.  It will be myself (Michael) or my beautiful bride of 20 years...and counting (Jennifer) or both of us.

You will enjoy your tour with one or both of us.  If supporting a small family operation sounds like its for are definitely for us!

Don't see your dates? Large Group? Sold out? Just Message us! Jenn and I co-host.